YEETers Core


A bunny service in your pocket. 100% interactive.

Join our Discord

In order to purchase access you are required to DM YEETers CORE#4293 in Discord.
This is the ONLY contact used for payments.

Proof of Concept


€10 / 30 days

  • 20Gbps network
  • 1 YEETer at a time
  • 300 seconds per YEETer
  • Interactive menu
  • Bypass methods


€50 / lifetime

  • Grants you the power
  • to stop YEETers

Do you offer free trials?

We do not offer any kind of trials. Consider buying a package if you want to test our service.

How many YEETers am I allowed to send per day?

Unmetered! You are allowed to send as many YEETers as you want.

Do you offer lifetime packages?

We do not offer lifetime packages.

Am I allowed to share accounts?

You are not allowed to share your account with one or more users by any means.

Do you offer refunds?

No. If there is a downtime, we will provide you with additional days to your subscription.

Are YEETers traceable?

Logs are being stored 24 hours and they are completely private. YEETers are anonymous and they cannot be traced.
Latest Version

Update v0.5.0a

  • Added a third core

Update v0.4.1b

  • Added support for flags
  • Added a second core
  • Increased the overall power

Update v0.3.0b

  • Reworked the whitelist system
  • Bug fixes

Update v0.2.2a

  • Added categories


  • More Optimizations & bug fixes